Agriculture & Forestry

The Agriculture and Forestry division of GateSource HR offers executive search and senior management recruitment services for businesses and investors growing their activities in the South American region.

From Mexico to Argentina, the South American continent offers diverse opportunituies for development and growth in the agricultural and forestry industries. This economic growth has resulted in international and local investors requiring experienced candidates with mangement expertise to take operations to the next stage of development.

Career opportunities exist for candidates with a background in agronomy, engineering, or finance management: Site Manager, Plantation Manager, Technical Director, Project Manager, Plant Director, Finance Controller, Finance Manager, Environment and Sustainability Manager.

Depending on the county of operation, some advanced skills in Spanish or Portuguese may be required.

Thanks to our extensive network and in depth knowledge of the industry, we can assist companies in filling critical vacancies on remote sites as well as at the regional or local office level.

If you are an investment company or a business active in the Agriculture or Forestry industry and need a seasoned manager to take a leadership position in one of your farming or agricultural operations in Latin America, we can assist in identifying and recruiting the best candidates specifically suited to your needs and requirements.