Durango Mining Recruitment

Durango Mining Recruitment

Durango, a state located in the northwest of Mexico, boasts a thriving mining industry that produces a variety of metals and non-metallic minerals. With an annual spending of approximately MX$22 billion (US$1.09 billion), this sector generates significant economic impact, creating 13,600 direct jobs and 68,000 indirect jobs. It's no surprise that Durango is one of the top mining states in Mexico, ranking fourth in importance.

According to the Association of Metallurgical Mining Engineers and Geologists of Mexico (AIMMGM), Durango is a leading producer of several minerals, including zinc (second-largest), silver (third-largest), gold (fifth-largest), and copper (seventh-largest). In non-metallic minerals, Durango holds first and second place in bentonite and perlite production, respectively, and ranks third in marble and fluorite production. Moreover, the state boasts vast deposits of gypsum, clays, limestone, sand, and gravel that contribute to both the state's and country's GDP.

Durango's mining industry not only provides a significant number of direct and indirect jobs but also presents opportunities for mining management roles. With abundant natural resources, mining companies require a skilled workforce to oversee their operations effectively. Metallurgical mining engineers, geologists, mining technicians, and operations managers are essential professionals for the production of metals and non-metallic minerals.

Mining management positions are crucial for ensuring successful mining projects. These roles involve overseeing mining operations, ensuring compliance with safety and environmental regulations, managing budgets, and supervising the workforce. Mining management jobs also require expertise in project management, problem-solving, and decision-making.


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